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Does Sugar Cause Disease

In the 1960s a British nutrition expert conducted a series of experiments on animals and people showing that high amounts of sugar in the diet led to high levels of fat and insulin in the blood.......true risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Tragically, this message was drowned out by a chorus of others scientists blaming the rising rates of obesity and heart disease instead on cholesterol caused by too much saturated fat in the diet.

As a result of these concerns about cholesterol and saturated fat, fat now makes up a smaller portion of the American diet than it did 20 years ago. Yet the portion of the America that is obese has only grown larger. The primary reason is SUGAR and in particular fructose.

In 1900 only 5% of adults world-wide had high blood pressure. Currently 1/3 of adults world-wide have high blood pressure. In 1980, 135 million people had diabetes and now we're up to 347 million. Why are more Americans obese than ever before?.......SUGAR!

60 Minutes did a feature in 2012 titled Is Sugar Toxic that is worth watching

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