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The Gut and Your Sex Drive

Ladies.....have you experienced hormone related issues? Do you deal with fatigue, cravings for sugar and starch, sleep issues, PMS or hot flashes,headaches or migraines......did you realize there is a direct correlation between a healthy gut and healthy hormones? 

The more extreme the gut problems, the more extreme the female hormone imbalance. Inflammation in the gut drives up cortisol, our adrenal stress hormone, which in turn drives down our sex hormones......the body prioritizes survival over reporduction or sex drive. Once again, balancing female hormones begins with healing the gut!

If you have low libido and gut problems, it's not a coincidence. The higher the inflammatory response in the gut, the lower the sex drive.

The primary issues with gut problems are the Standard American Diet, environmental toxicity and stress. So.... clean up the diet, clean up the home with "green" or homemade cleaners (email me for a handout), wear natural makeup and use natural skin care  and take steps to reduce stress such as yoga or walks with your lady friends (nothing beats a good yack-off!)

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