Individual Nutitional Therapy

As a nutritional therapist I provide individual nutritional therapy, family consultations, couple
consultations and workshop style nutritional therapy. I am trained in handling the following
nutritional foundations: Whole food diet, Digestion, Blood sugar handling, Fatty acids, Minerals
and Hydration. I am also trained in the consequences of poor foundational health :Endocrine/hormone function,
allergies, cardiovascular function, detox, joint pain and weight loss.

Individual Nutritional Therapy: Beginning Package $195

You tell me how your body feels by filling out a set of intake forms including a food journal, a health questionnaire and an online questionnaire which allows me to run reports on your specific conditions and work out a protocol specific to you prior to our first meeting. The actual  consultation will last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. It's best to schedule it at a time you are not stressed and rushed such as after work. In this consultation you will receive:

  • recommendations on eating a nutrient dense whole food diet
  • suggestions on how and where to shop for food
  • information on how to prepare food
  • information on how to eat and digest properly
  • suggestions on making lifestyle changes that impact health such as sleep, hydration, stress and whether supplements are right for you
  • information on the reports you submitted on line
  • set goals
  • decide on future support if desired and go over the options and prices

For some people this is all it takes to get yourself on the track to optimal health although I do not find that one session is enough for most people. In order to continue with support, I recommend selecting on of the Monthly Packages that best suits your needs: Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

 I highly recommend taking the Spectracell lab which provides me with an abundance of information on your individual nutritional deficiencies.


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