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Regulating Blood Sugar

I have not had a single client come to me who does not have blood sugar handling issues on some level. You cannot manage blood sugar by accident. It's almost impossible to have healthy, well-controlled blood sugar without a little effort. This means carefully choosing what you put in to your body from the moment you wake up to the moment you put your head on the pillow again.

Imagine a flat horizontal line, that's the ideal blood sugar stasis line. With mismanaged blood sugar, your glucose levels soar high above the line and then nosedive way below it-not just tonce but again and again throughout you day. You can achieve beautifully stable blood sugar levels when you consciously and conscientiously select the foods you eat at every meal, every day.

Since your entire endocrine system relies on your glucose levels hugging that stasis line as closely as possible, your body perceives mismanaged blood sugar as a stressor. This in turn sends your adrenals into overdirve and they begin to pump out a cocktain of cortisol and adrenaline......and the cascade of dysfunctional hormones begins.

When you hear about mismanaged blood sugar, you typically think of elevated glood glucose (hyperglycemia) which can lead to insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. While this is a serious problem, it ignores a huge piece of the blood sugar puzzle: hypoclycemia. Low blood sugar is just as detrimental to your body as high blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia is likely to occur throught one of two ways. First, it may happen because you're on a perma-diet and consider coffee and a bar to be a meal in the hopes that restricting calories will result in fat loss. The second begins with overindulging in carbs. Anything more than a modest serving is enough to send your blood sugar soaring. This is where find yourself extremely frustrated because after eating a Chipotle burrito and feeling full, an hour later you may find yourself munching on M&M's and berating yourself for having no willpower.

Blood sugar can be managed through a carefully planned whole food diet. Everyone's carbohydrate tolerance is different and there is no "one size fits all"  blood sugar diet; working with a practitioner to manage your blood sugar can set you on the path toward optimal health. 

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