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Preconception for Couples


$ 500.00

 For  Life Time

 Food is what nourishes the body and makes us healthy and strong. No other society is as careless about preparation for pregnancy and birth as our own. Preconception preparation through nutritional therapy is a wonderful way to prepare the body to conceive. 

What you do to prepare for pregnancy and during pregnancy will have an influence on generations to come. Once pregnant, think of yourself as the first generation. The growing fetus is the second generation and the gonads or ovaries in the fetus are the third generation.  Nutrition influences all 3 of you. 

You and your partner will receive 4 session with this package. You will meet as a couple for 2 of the sessions and each of you will receive a personal session. 




Please see specialties for more information on preconception, pregnancy and postpartum services

Kristy Corah, NTP

(916) 718-8891


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