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Don't Forget the Bone Broth!

Bone broth may be the way to cure the ills of modern man.....crazy but possibly true. America's poor feel they cannot afford quality food, that protein sources such as meat, fish and chicken are too expensive, so why not just swing through McDonalds and feed the family for $15. In Food Inc, a "poor" family is profiled doing just this. The saddest part is the father has type 2 diabetes and takes $140 (out of pocket) of meds each month to "keep him healthy" as stated by his wife. Believe me, if you have diabetes you are not healthy, meds or no meds. 90% of type 2 diabetes is preventable by modifying the diet and making lifestyle changes. Agribusiness and the fast food industry do not want us to know this. If we stopped purchasing foods on the SAD and fast food they would be out of business, so vote with your fork 3 times a day and spread the word that bone broth is a very inexpensive and healthy way, during times of frugality or not, to bring protein into the diet. Learn to make bone broth here......

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