Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

Why is Oprah Endorcing Weight Watchers?

When I first noticed Oprah's new commercials, endorcing Weight Watchers, I found myself thinking "really, this is not good." Oprah has a lot of influence, rightfully so. She has struggled with her weight her entire life and publically spoken about it; we all knew it was the one thing she couldn't conquer. When the newest commerical supporting the eating of bread came out I was even more disappointed. Why you might ask? I found this on Facebook shortly after the "bread commercial" came out, read it, and said to self "this is why."

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Systemic Fat Loss and Balancing Hormones

Traditional weight loss programs tell you that calories in calories out is the formula to achieve your ideal weight......if this worked we’d be the skinniest nation on the planet not the fattest because most adults in the United States have spent a significant amount of time on diets that restrict calories. 

The approach of Nutritional Therapy is to get healthy through the foundations of good health.....thereby losing fat. By focusing on the foundations of good health (whole food diet, digestion, blood sugar, fatty acids, minerals and hydration) thereby otpimal health, you can achieve your ideal weight without "dieting."   Hormones are an integral part of your metabolism therefor your weight. Once again, focus on the foundations will balance hormones. 


Fat loss is about mastering your hormones, exercising smart, and making the proper lifestyle modifications for permanent internal and external transformation.

Weight loss revolves around your daily appointment with the bathroom scale.  Weight loss is  typically temporary. Its fleeting nature is all too familiar to those who are trapped in the cycle of eating less and exercising more.

Leptin is the master hormone, charged with the crucial role of keeping you from starving to death by monitoring how much fat you have on board. That way, when the famine comes you can live off of your fat stores until it’s time to eat. If the famine arrives and you’ve got just four-percent body fat, you’re in big trouble.

When fat stores are on their way down leptin tells the body to hold on to fat, down regulate the metabolism and increase hunger. If this sounds familiar, then you've been on a diet a time or two in your life. 

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